Our Story

Hi, I'm Michelle, the founder of Intention Garden.

At Intention Garden, our mission is to help you grow your best life by improving internal dialogue, aligning with nature, and living intentionally. Our mindful gardening products promote positive thinking, self-love, and the joy of plants. 

The idea for Intention Garden came to me during a major life transition, and at a time when I was struggling to keep my mind in a positive place—away from the fear that motivates so much of our thinking. I had just left a very hectic corporate job, and I was enjoying some time away from the daily work grind when I rediscovered gardening. 

I had always loved gardening, but as a single mother with a busy career, I rarely had time to spend in the garden. Now that I wasn't working, I could garden every day! Soon, I began to see the connection between gardening and mindfulness. In the garden, I was able to be truly present and fully aligned with nature.

One afternoon, while returning from the garden center with a car full of succulents, the idea for Intention Garden came to me. The product, the purpose, and the name came all at once, and I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement. I thought, this is how I can help others improve their mindfulness practice using nature's most basic example of manifesting—gardening!

I call it mindful gardening because the plant truly becomes a mirror of the gardener's mindset. As you tend to the plant and integrate it into your intention practice, the plant's growth begins to mirror your own growth. It can be a very powerful benchmark to measure self-love and positive focus. 

So nine months later, Intention Garden came to life for people who want a simple way to retrain their brain, practice presence, and live with intention—all while experiencing the beauty of nature.

Intention Garden is a small business (i.e., it's just me 😁), and though this is just the beginning, I am so excited about what's to come! Please follow us on Instagram @intention.garden for mindful gardening tips and tricks, insight into my journey, and to be the first to know about new products and sales. 

Peace, love, and good vibes always!